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Building Inspections

Facilities Inspections

The Facilities Inspection is conducted at all CCPS locations annually to help ensure a safe, healthy, and clean environment for all building occupants. Potential health/safety hazards and other areas for improvement are identified and corrective actions are implemented where appropriate. Specific subject areas of this inspection include Fire/Life Safety, Electrical Service, Facilities and Equipment Maintenance, Building Security, Indoor Air Quality, General Safety, Chemical Safety, Playground Equipment, Pest Management, General Cleanliness, and more.

Risk Assessment

MABE (Maryland Association of Boards of Education) manages an annual inspection program of school-owned facilities. The purpose of this program is to identify hazards associated with a specific facility that may increase the potential for a loss to occur, provide corrective recommendations, and track any changes made as a result.

IAC Inspection

The Public School Construction Program (PSCP) performs an annual maintenance inspection in a sampling of schools in each jurisdiction. The purpose of the inspection is to ascertain the level and quality of maintenance being performed in these buildings.

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