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Integrated Pest Management 

Cecil County Public Schools has adopted an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program in accordance with Maryland State Law for the interior and exterior of all schools. These techniques focus on correcting conditions that encourage pests by reducing their access to food, water, and harborage.  In the event that pesticide applications are necessary, lists of the products we use are listed below. All elementary students and staff shall receive notification prior to each pesticide use except for bait stations.  At the beginning of each school year, every middle and high school staff develop a pesticide notification list composed of every staff member, student, parent, or guardian who has requested in writing to be notified prior to any pesticide use except for bait stations. The middle and high schools shall: (a) keep the pesticide notification list current; and (b) add names upon written request by a student, parent, guardian, or staff member. In the event of an emergency application, notification will be made the next school day after the application.

The product labels or safety data sheets (SDS) of each pesticide or bait station are maintained by Mrs. Thompson and on school grounds. These sheets are available for review by parents, guardians, students or staff at the school.  Any person wishing to be placed on the pesticide notification list should make this request in writing to the local school. Should pesticides be used in schools or on school grounds, those persons on the notification list will be contacted 24 hours in advance.   

Sharon Thompson
Assistant in Facilities/Operations






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