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Public Information Act Requests

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Requesting Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) Information

Thank you for your interest in accessing public information through the Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA). Here's a guide to assist you in the process.

Pursuant to Sec. 4-503 of the General Provisions Article of the Maryland Code, the CCPS Executive Director For Administrative Services will serve as the Cecil County Public Schools representative to contact to request public records under the Maryland Public Information Act.  Requests for public records made under the Act must be in writing and specify the documents already in existence that are being sought, which are within the custody of CCPS.

For inquiries regarding the Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA), please email

Thank you for your cooperation in our commitment to transparency and access to public information.

CCPS MPIA Request Form

Cecil County Public Schools maintains a record of each submitted request which can be found here.

  • MPIA Request Form: Access to the MPIA request form is available on the CCPS Public Information Officer's website. Complete the form accurately, specifying the information you seek. All requests must be completed through the MPIA request form link MPIA Request Link
  • Response Time: Expect a response within ten business days after submitting the MPIA request form. You will receive either the requested information or notification of any necessary extensions.
  • Extensions Notification: Should your request require more than ten days for fulfillment, you will receive timely notification regarding the extension period to keep you informed.
  • Processing Fee: By law, two hours are included in the completion of the request.  If your request surpasses this initial time, you will be notified with an estimate of the time needed to complete the request and associated fees. Approval for the fee will be sought from you, and upon approval, you will receive an invoice. Payment will be required before the work begins.
    • If the number of hours to complete the request is less than the estimate, you will receive a refund.  If the time to complete exceeds the estimate, you will be notified of the overage and the associated fee will need to be paid before the work is completed and turned over.
  • Request Revision Opportunity: You will have the option to revise the scope of your request to reduce or eliminate the fee. This provides flexibility in tailoring the request to your needs. Reducing the request may not eliminate all fees due to the work required to create the initial estimate.  If the initial scope is large, it may take time to generate an accurate estimate which will be included in any revised requests.  
  • Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA)
    Cecil County Public Schools
    George Washington Carver Education Leadership Center
    201 Booth Street 
    Elkton, Maryland  21921

    Theodore Boyer, Ed.D.
    Executive Director For Administrative Services