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What are the requirements to participate?

  • Upon requesting entrance into the BVP, all students are screened based on current and historical attendance and academic records. Additionally, students at the high school level have their transcript reviewed to ensure that an available graduation pathway exists within the BVP based on credits earned, credits needed, and credits/classes available within the BVP.
  • After review, students will either be granted or denied entrance into the BVP. Students that are enrolled into the BVP after their screening is complete will be enrolled either as a conditional status student or non-conditional status. Conditional status students are placed within the program for 15 days and must maintain an attendance rate of 80% or better in all classes and submit their assignments by their deadlines. If a student on a conditional status does not maintain an 80% attendance rate or better in each course and/or does not complete their assignments, they will need to return to the face-to-face instruction after 15 days. Students on conditional status meeting these expectations will automatically remain in the program on probationary status.

Is there an application process?

  • Yes! Please click on the BVP application link on the BVP homepage.

What grades are eligible to participate?

  • This program is open to grades 4-12.

Will the work be mostly synchronous or asynchronous?

  • The Blended Virtual Program will mirror the same schedule as a school with live virtual classes 5 days a week.

Will the schedule be similar to a typical school day?

  • Yes.  Depending on the school level, the start and end times for the school day will be similar to face-to-face schools.

Is there a cost to participate?

  • There is no cost for families.

Is this open to only CCPS students?

  • This program is open to any student (grades 4-12) who is enrolled in Cecil County Public Schools.  Home school families are encouraged to check out the program and enroll.

Will BVP students be able to participate in athletics and other activities?

  • Students will be able to participate in sports teams, clubs, and other opportunities offered through Cecil County Public Schools via their geographical home school.

Will technology be provided?

  • All students will be provided a Chromebook.
  • Students will be provided a WIFI hotspot if necessary.

What are the next steps if I would like my child to be considered for the BVP?

  • Complete the BVP application link on the BVP homepage.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?