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Vision & Hearing Screening

Hearing and vision screening is NOT a complete or full examination.  The goal of hearing and vision screening programs is the identification of students who may not have normal hearing and/or vision.  Early detection of hearing and vision problems is essential so students may obtain maximum benefit from their educational opportunities.

Unless evidence is presented that a student has been tested within the past year, Maryland State Law requires the screening of school age children for hearing and vision as follows:

  • When a student enters a Cecil County Public School for the first time, regardless of the time of entrance.
  • When a student enters the first (1st) grade.
  • When a student enters the eighth (8th) grade.
  • When referred by an employee of Cecil County Public Schools.

All students failing the initial screening will receive a second screening before a referral is made for physician evaluation. Re-screening shall be completed within 2 months of the initial screening. Students not passing two vision/hearing screenings will be referred for further evaluation.

A student whose parent or guardian objects in writing to hearing and vision screening on the grounds that it conflicts with the tenets and practice of a recognized church or religious denomination of which he is an adherent or member may not be required to take these screening tests.