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Pupil Personnel

Under the direction of Mr. Kyle Longeway, Coordinator of Student Services, the  Pupil Personnel Workers and Student Services Resource Teachers serve the needs of students attending Cecil County Public Schools. They act as facilitators and problem solvers to assist students in meeting with success. They advocate for students and families by networking with appropriate school personnel and community agencies to initiate positive change. In addition, they monitor student attendance and initiate interventions to help improve attendance, investigate cases involving out-of-district requests, residency, and custody issues.  The Pupil Personnel Workers and  Student Services Resource Teachers are knowledgeable of the services and resources provided by the local school system and community agencies. They act as liaisons with these agencies to help coordinate the exchange of needed information.

Cecil County Public Schools Pupil Personnel Workers  and Student Resource Teachers  are divided by school throughout Cecil County.  Their assignments are as follows:


School Name   PPW/SSRT Cell Phone

Bainbridge Elementary

        Holly Spangler             443-206-0466    
  Bay View Elementary Jennifer Steczak 443-206-0463
  Calvert Elementary Steve Smith 443-206-5897
  Cecil Manor Elementary Nicole Longeway 443-206-5968
  Cecilton Elementary Tim Nolan 443-206-0465
  Charlestown Elementary Holly Spangler 443-206-0466 
  Chesapeake City Elementary  Tim Nolan 443-206-0465
  Conowingo Elementary Steve Smith 443-206-5897
  Elk Neck Elementary Jennifer Steczak 443-206-0463
  Gilpin Manor Elementary Gretchen Zahn 443-693-3096
  Holly Hall Elementary Tim Nolan 443-206-0465
  Kenmore Elementary Crystal Butler 443-553-6853
  Leeds Elementary Crystal Butler 443-553-6853
  North East Elementary Jennifer Steczak 443-206-0463
  Perryville Elementary Holly Spangler 443-206-0466 
  Rising Sun Elementary Steve Smith 443-206-5897
  Thomson Estates Elementary Nicole Longeway 443-206-5968
  Bohemia Manor Middle Tim Nolan 443-206-0465
  Cherry Hill Middle Nicole Longeway 443-206-5968
  Elkton Middle Nicole Longeway 443-206-5968
  North East Middle Jennifer Steczak 443-206-0463
  Perryville Middle Holly Spangler 443-206-0466
  Rising Sun Middle Steve Smith 443-206-5897
  Bohemia Manor High Tim Nolan 443-206-0465
  Elkton High Gretchen Zahn 443-693-3096
  North East High Jennifer Steczak 443-206-0463

Perryville High

Holly Spangler 443-206-0466
  Rising Sun High Steve Smith 443-206-5897