Capital Outlay

  • Chesapeake City Elementary School Groundbreaking Groundbreaking

    The New Chesapeake City Elementary School

    Welcome to Capital Outlay

    The Capital Outlay Department is responsible for assessing present and future school needs and implementing a plan to address these needs. We provide the planning, design, and construction of new schools, as well as additions and renovations to existing schools in accordance with the approved Educational Specifications. Additionally, the Department oversees facility modifications including, Aging Schools, Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB), and the installation and relocation of portable classrooms. The Capital Outlay Department values and respects the contributions and input from all stakeholders (administration, staff, community, state, and local government) and is committed to improving these relationships so that ALL students receive an excellent educational experience.

    Our mission:
    To administer a school construction program in a way that provides for new and renovated facilities to support educational programs enabling each student to achieve their highest potential in safe, secure, and inviting environments.

    Our Vision:
    The Capital Outlay Department seeks to be responsible stewards of resources while providing effective and inviting educational facilities.

    Our Goals:
    To address capacity and overcrowding issues through accurate and thorough planning to determine the best possible resolutions;
    To achieve a minimum standard of physical condition for each school through renovation;
    To explore and maximize all funding opportunities, exercising prudent use of and accounting for every dollar spent.

    The Capital Outlay Team

    Charles Simpers
    Supervisor of School Construction

     Scott Anderson    Eric Olson
    Construction Field Inspectors

    Crystal Preston
    Administrative Secretary