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    The Facilities Department is the compilation of maintenance and operations personnel.  Our department consists of (1) Supervisor of Facilities, (2) Manager of Facilities, an Assistant in Facilities,  an Assistant in Operations, a Safety Officer, (2) Secretaries, (36) maintenance personnel,  and (116) custodians. As a department, we strive to provide clean, safe learning environments for over 16,000 students, teachers, staff and administrators. We maintain 31 schools and 57 portable classrooms (2.2 million square feet) as well as support other departments in their daily operations. We process over 10,000 work order requests and complete approximately 8800 annually.

    Our Mission:
    The Facilities Department is dedicated to providing services and maintaining facilities to support lifelong learning and productive citizenship to all Cecil County Public School students.

    Our Vision:
    Our vision is to continuously improve and grow as a department in order to provide support, guidance, resources, and services to all other departments and each school.

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