• In keeping with the MD State Department of Information Technology's password policy & guidance, CCPS Technology Department implemented‚Äč a software solution to allow everyone to be able to change their password and recover it later, if it is forgotten. The password management web portal is located at https://passwordreset.ccps.org.
    Employees will be asked to change their passwords several times per year. Additional information can be found here:
      • Under no circumstance is any password to be shared with anyone else. This includes administrative assistants and superiors.

      • User Passwords will be changed at least 2 times a year.

      • Do not use the same password for agency accounts as for other non-agency access

      • Do not use the "Remember Password" feature of applications or write passwords down and store them anywhere in your office.

      • If an account or password is suspected to have been compromised, report the incident to IT and change all passwords.

      • Technology Services will never ask for your password through email or through a web form.

    Password Composition & Controls
      • Expiry: Passwords will expire every 180 days.

      • Length: Minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters.

      • Complexity: Requires a mix of uppercase, lowercase and numbers. Note: Special characters are optional but recommended: ~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"'<>,.?/

      • History: You may not reuse the last 6 passwords.

      • Age: You may change your password every 2 hours.

      • Lockout: 5 failed login attempts within a 1 minute period will lockout your account. Lockout clears after 3 minutes. Users will still be able to use the Reset Password option on Password Reset site to unlock their account and change their password.