• For educational purposes and student safety, please note:

    clock HOURS:  Students are welcomed to NEES promptly at 8:45.  Dismissal procedures begin at 3:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and at 1:50 on Wednesday. We appreciate your assistance in limiting instructional interruptions by avoiding repeated late arrivals and early dismissals.

    For appointments scheduled during the school day, arrive to the office before 3:15 with your ID in hand. After 3:15, we can add students to the walker door list to be called when the bell rings at 3:30.

    Keep arrival and dismissal methods consistent to limit confusion for students and staff. Frequent and or last minute changes interrupt instruction, and stress the system for getting over 500 children home safely. Send a note in with your student to inform the teacher and office of the occasional alteration. Include the name of the contact, as listed on their emergency card, who will pick them up. If emailing the office, send your message (from the address we have on file) to cgasdia@ccps.org , ksrita@ccps.org and cisaacs@ccps.org as one or more of us may be out of the office at times.

    bus BUS RIDERS:  Those riding the bus to school are expected ride the bus home.  (See above RE changes.)

    walkers WALKERS:  Parents of PreK - 2nd grade students should meet their children at the walker door at dismissal.  3rd - 5th grade students may walk alone unless parents notify the office otherwise.

    car CAR RIDERS:  Please adhere to the following procedures, and share with any other family members who may pick up or drop off:

    • Return this form to the office to obtain car tags. Display this year’s tag so that it’s visible from the sidewalk.
    • Drop off: Pull up as far as you can, reach the sidewalk area, and be sure staff members are outside before unloading students (on the sidewalk side of the car if possible.)
    • Enter the carloop from the area of Thomas Avenue and make a “U” turn into the carloop.
    • Avoid left turns into the parking lot from 8:40 – 9 AM and 3:20 – 3:45 PM (1:45 – 2:10 pm on Wednesday.)
    • Follow staff directions, and avoid passing cars on the left in the car loop.

    (Print and return the following as needed)

    To be transported home from school by car in the afternoon:

    Child Grade Homeroom Teacher


    Guardian Signature: Date: