• Will students fail for attendance this year?

    During the 2020-2021 SY, there will be no penalty for not meeting established attendance standards as has always been CCPS protocol. However, CCPS reserves the right to reinstitute the failure for attendance stipulation once students are engaging in face to face instruction in classrooms at least 50% of the time.

    Will parents be able to request vacation days?

    Parental requests in writing may be granted up to five school days.

    If a student is absent will they need to have a note stating the reason for absence?

    Yes, a note detailing why the absence occurred should be scanned and/or emailed to the school. If this option is unavailable please contact the school to schedule a time to drop off the note.

    Will a student be able to log in to the virtual class lesson/activity at a later time?

    Yes. Lessons will be recorded and posted in virtual classrooms for students to view based upon their schedules.

    If a student is scheduled for face to face learning and is absent will they be able to view a recording and be counted as present?

    A student who is absent from face to face instruction will be counted as absent. A student will be able to view recorded lessons and complete activities as makeup work.