• Helpful Links

    1. Destiny Discover - Click “Cecil Manor”, click “log in” (top right) and use your CCPS Google sign in. This opens the Destiny online library catalog where you can browse/check out e-books!
    2. Mrs. Boyko’s Library Website - links to Cecil County Public Library, videos on how to use Destiny, and more!
    3. Cecil County Public Libraries - Each student has a library card through the school. Directions on using it are HERE. You can now find books on this site, put them on hold, and pick them up touch-free at the Elkton branch! 
    4. CCPS Homepage - Virtual Learning Playbook - A new addition this year to the CCPS homepage. Lots of great information here.
    5. CCPS Help Desk - coming soon! I’ll be manning it Mon and Tues 4-6.
    6. Digital Databases (You will need a password for each if you log in from a computer outside the CCPS network). For most of these, the username is “cecil” and password “school”
    7. CCPS At Home Connection - toolkit page that has multiple videos on helping your child with virtual learning.
    8. Schoology Home Page - this is used with grades 6-12
    9. Mrs. Boyko’s Youtube Channel - educational videos that I create are uploaded here for easy access.