Secondary English Language Arts

  • Mission 

    The Secondary English Language Arts Department will empower all students with the agency to navigate a diverse and technologically fluid society, articulate informed viewpoints, engage in productive collaborations, and disrupt limiting patterns so that they can pursue personally meaningful goals. 

    Commitment Statements

    In recognition of the honor and privilege of being Teachers of English Language Arts, we commit to the following values and behaviors that will strengthen our community and promote life-long learning.  

    • We will collaborate with our colleagues, students, parents, and communities to develop teaching practices that are grounded in research, relevant to our students’ lives, and reflective of technological and cultural advancements.
    • We will engage in honest self-reflection, supporting one another as we build on our strengths and recognize our limitations, always seeking to balance autonomy and accountability.
    • We will strive to educate the whole learner, demonstrating empathy and respect while providing learning experiences that are both aligned with state standards and flexible enough to adapt as we meet the needs of each learner.
    • We will earn the trust of our students, providing a safe space for vulnerability and diversity.  As guides and advocates, we will help our students find purpose and meaning in their lives, working alongside them to remove barriers to their personal and academic growth.
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