• foye
    David B. Foye, Principal

    Mr. David B. Foye has been in the education field for 16 years, many of those years have been  as a teacher and as an administrator at both the middle and high school levels. Mr. Foye received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Marshall University, and his Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Loyola College in Maryland.  Mr. Foye also is in the process of finishing his Doctorate Degree in Educational Innovation and Leadership from Wilmington University in Delaware. Mr. Foye is a graduate of Capital High School in the “Great” State of West Virginia.  This school year marks the 3rd year Mr. Foye has served as the principal at North East High School (NEHS).   

    To NEHS Students:
    Welcome to the home of the North East High School Indians!  

    New beginnings along with the continuation of greatness besets you as a student at NEHS.   As we launch into another year with a high expectation for achievement, the accolades from last year serves as a model for what is required to move from Great to Excellent.  In preparation for the PARCC assessments this past year, you were challenged by peers, teachers, parents, and principals to increase your efforts.  The results are in and improvement was achieved.  Thank you for raising your game to meet the challenge.  There is not a challenge too big for a dedicated hardworking students who has a “can do” attitude.  Luckily, North East High School has an abundance of students who can be described this way.  

    For this school year, one of our main goals is for students to progress to the next grade level with earning more than the minimum credits required to be promoted.  By earning more than the minimum credits, students will be set up for future success as it pertains to their schedule, 4 year graduation plan, and senior year classes.  In order to achieve this goal, it will take a great deal of effort from everyone, the same as this past year’s challenge to raise of PARCC scores.   There is no doubt that we will rise to meet this challenge; we will need to stay focused in class and the complete assignments.  This is a simple plan that will produce success just as Arnold Glasow once stated, “Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”    
    In sum, I urge you to push beyond the minimum expectations that others may shoot for and aspire for higher aspirations that lead to excellence.   

    #Make it happen

    To NEHS Parents/Guardians:
    Welcome to the home of the North East High School Indians!  

    We are excited for the start of a new school year and the opportunities
    which will be forthcoming to our students.  This year we have had some changes in regard to staffing, which includes a new member to our administrative team.  Our administration is led by Mr. David Foye, Principal, and assistant principals Mrs. Kaitlyn Owens, Mr. Jim Leitgeb, and Mr. Whitney Middlemiss.  We also have some new faces throughout the building in classrooms who we are excited to have join our NEHS family.  

    This school year, we plan to continue to keep you involved and informed on the various activities our students are a part of during and after school.  We have found students excel more when their parents/guardians are aware of their educational progress.  Therefore, we will be increasing our communication with parents/guardians as a way to help better support students. One way of communicating will be the school-website; it will post upcoming events which are happening in and around the school.  You may also be on the lookout for the North Easter school newspaper, connect ed calls, Facebook page, and Instagram page.  All of these communication tools will be posted on the school website for you to access.

    Additionally, we want to express that your input and suggestions are always welcome. We are building a school community, where everyone is working together to give the students at NEHS the best education and learning experience possible.  In order to achieve this endeavor, we must continue to have goal alignment between school and home in regards to meeting and exceeding a high expectation for academic achievement.  It will take a school community approach to help prepare our students to be college and career ready.   

    David B. Foye

  • owens
    Kaitlyn Eyman Owens, Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Kaitlyn Owens has been in the education field for 20 years, serving as first a school counselor, then an administrator at both the middle and high school levels. Mrs. Owens received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Delaware in 1995, a Master of Education in School Counseling in 1998 from Wilmington University, and a Master of Science in Education Leadership and Supervision in 2013 from McDaniel College. Mrs. Owens is a graduate of Elkton High School and lives in Newark with her husband (a NEHS graduate!) and two children.

    To NEHS Students:
    Welcome class of 2021!

    As you embark on your high school career take the time to get involved, find your niche and take advantage of the opportunities that are afforded to re-invent yourself.

    “A new year means new beginnings and fresh starts. If you can let go of the past, freeing yourself of failures and disappointments, you can embrace a new perspective—a fresh look at the future and all the wonderful possibilities it holds.” (Lydia Sweatt)

    This year the incoming 9th grade class is 311 strong.  Academic success is our goal this year, and every year.  You will need to work hard, give 100% effort, 100% of the time and you will see results.  It is important that you utilize the supports provided from teachers, counselors, and administrators. We are here to help YOU.

  • leitgeb
    James Leitgeb, Assistant Principal

    Mr. James Leitgeb has been with Cecil County Public Schools for the past 11 years as a teacher, athletic director and now currently as an administrator. Mr. Leitgeb received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Pennsylvania State University in 2006, and his Master of Education in Educational Leadership in 2011 from Wilmington University. Mr. Leitgeb has been a Cecil County resident his entire life, including graduating from Elkton High School in 2002. He will be entering his third year as assistant principal at North East High School.

    To NEHS Students:
    This school year marks the largest Senior Class in North East High School history. The first graduating class at North East High School began with 6 students in 1901. The town and the community have grown into something special over the last hundred years, whereas we are now looking at graduating approximately 277 students. This class will set the benchmark for future classes to come.

    Last year, the Senior Class did an outstanding job in earning over $6.5 million in scholarships which was higher than the previous year. This year’s class will look to continue the upward trend by setting a goal to break $7 million in scholarships.  We will need every senior to be a part of this so please check in with Mr. Miller in the guidance office for information.

    As we begin an exciting year of record possibilities, the mindset will be, “We won’t try, we’ll will ourselves to success.”

  • middlemiss
    Whitney Middlemiss, Assistant Principal

    Mr. Whitney Middlemiss has been with Cecil County Public Schools for the past 12 years as a teacher.  Mr. Middlemiss earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education from the State University of New York at Oswego in 2005 and a Master of Science Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from McDaniel College in 2016.  Mr. Middlemiss has lived and worked in Cecil County for 12 years.  He was previously an English Language Arts teacher at Perryville High School.  Mr. Middlemiss is in his first year as an assistant principal at North East High School.

    To NEHS Students:
    Every day, over 1,100 students come to North East High School with an opportunity to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.  Our school has produced doctors,  lawyers, electricians, plumbers, policemen, firemen, artists, musicians, fishermen, crabbers, and many other careers.  Every student has an opportunity to find and work toward their passion as a member of our learning community, and every student has an opportunity to have a positive impact.  

    This school year, make an effort to do something positive for yourself and for your community each day.  You can read a book for fun, help a classmate get organized, learn a new word, or give a high-five to a student you don't know. There are many ways to ‘Pay it Forward’.  Try to make a difference: large or small.  The fact that you tried makes a difference, and it makes us all better.

    As you do your best throughout the year, take some time to remind yourself that each decision that you make can bring your closer to what you want and make our community a better place.