Mission & Belief Statements

  • Mission Statement

    North East High School celebrates our diverse and innovative learning environment by developing empathy and strengthening community in order to build significant relationships. We prepare all students for responsible citizenship, lifelong learning, and the achievement of their highest potential.

    Belief Statements

    • All students are valued. 
    • All students can learn and be successful.
    • A student’s success is a collaborative effort among school, students, family and community.
    • The educational community works together to establish high expectations to ensure that each student reaches his/her academic potential.
    • A safe, orderly learning environment is necessary for academic  success. 
    • Life­long learning tools including technological skills are necessary to empower students to succeed in a changing society. 
    • Differing talents, abilities, cultures, and values strengthen our school community. 
    • The development of ethics, character and citizenship is an essential part of our learning process.