NEHS Alumni Reunion

  • Save the Date - June 24th, 2017

    Your chance to attend the 2017 NEHS Alumni dinner. Your chance to attend the NEHS 114th Annual Alumni Association Banquet.

    Jeannette Williams Armour will be preparing memory boards. She would like to have people bring pictures of yourselves or classmates from the years you were in school to be posted on boards for everyone to see. If these could be copies that could be kept by the Association for following years to be used for future events it would be very nice.

    For more information about this please contact Jeannette Williams Armour at email

    Her phone number is 410-392-9247.

    If you could send the pictures to her email address she would appreciate it very much.

    Please contact any alumni that may not be on our list and invite them to come to the June 24th, Alumni banquet; we would like to get more people interested in coming out and joining us. Please help us by sending your email address along with your name and class graduation to:


    All alumni offices are voted on annually. The office of Treasurer needs to be filled for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

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