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    The Gallery Walk of Capstone Projects could not be held on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at Elkton High. However, we don't want them to go without being recognized. Be sure to enjoy this "virtual version" of the culminating projects from the students!

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    Cecil County Public Schools would like to recognize the Capstone students that completed their projects this year.

    Virtual Gallery Walk of Capstone Projects June 2020 Google Site

    Gallery Walk PDF Version

    Gallery Walk Movie Version


    Below is a message from Mr. Frank Cardo, Program Coordinator for Science, STEM & Environmental Science

    Cecil County Public Schools’ Science Department is working to improve the quality, rigor, and relevance of your child’s science education. Curriculum changes are occurring at the elementary school level, the middle school level, and the high school level. These changes are being made to ensure that your child’s science education will prepare them for whatever future they hope to achieve. Many students are considering careers in one of the many science fields. We want to help all of our students receive the education in science that they will need to reach their goals.

    Please use the accompanying links to visit our programs at the different school levels. If you want to develop a plan of study for your child, please feel free to contact your local guidance office. 

    STEM Brochure 19-20 ima  STEM Application 19-20