World Language Program


    The focus of the World Language Program for grades 9-12 is on students developing a level of proficiency that enables them to communicate with speakers of the target language in a culturally appropriate way, preparing them for life in today's global community and for jobs in our pluralistic society. Through student-centered instruction, emphasizing thinking and problem-solving in real world situations, students practice the target language in a variety of ways as they develop an understanding and appreciation of other cultures and an insight into their own language and culture.

    The World Language Completer Program includes a mandatory two-course sequence of French, German, Chinese, or Spanish for all students planning to attend college. Students are encouraged to extend the sequence through Levels III, IV, and V where that course is available. All students are strongly encouraged to include this sequence in their six-year plan.

    Students planning to attend college should note that some colleges do not recognize high school credits earned in a middle school. These students should complete at least two (2) sequential world language credits while in grades 9-12.

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) does not accept high school credits earned in a middle school. In order to meet NCAA admissions requirements and/or be eligable to participate in college athletics, students must earn two (2) world language credits during grades 9-12.