• What is PBIS?
    PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. It is a school-wide system that is used to teach students positive expectations and to recognize them for meeting these expectations on a regular basis. There are multiple opportunities for students to be recognized throughout the school year. PBIS is a research-based process and it is used in every area of our school building—from the bus to the classroom and more! Bay View Elementary School has been using PBIS since 2007. For more information about PBIS, you can visit the Technical Assistance website: http://pbis.org/.


    What is the Bay View BARK?

    The Bay View BARK is our way of teaching our positively stated expectations for all areas of our school building. The BARK is an acronym and stands for: 

    • Be Prepared
    • Act Responsible
    • Respect Others
    • Keep Safe

    For each of the areas of our school building, we review these expectations and how they should be displayed. At the beginning of the school year, students receive specific instruction on how to display the appropriate behaviors throughout the school year.

    How are students recognized for displaying appropriate behaviors?
    On a regular basis, students are recognized for displaying the Bay View BARK. There are several ways that students can be recognized:
    • Teachers can distribute pointsthrough Class Dojo. These are used to earn incentives in their classroom.
    • Marking Period Rewards. Each marking period, 2 students from each classroom are awarded the BARK Star Award at their classroom awards ceremony.
    • Green Zone Rewards. Once per marking period, students who have zero office referrals/Bus Suspensions or 1 to 2 MIRs are eligible to participate in a school-wide reward. These rewards are fun, simple, and recognize a student’s hard work in displaying the appropriate behavior on a regular basis. This year the rewards will include: Board Games, Movie and Popcorn,Alice in Wonderland Dance Performance by Cecil Dance Center, and Lunch on the lawn.

    What’s an MIR? An ODR?
    An MIR is an acronym that stands for Minor Infraction Report. This half-page report is sent home to parents to document a conversation that a teacher has had with a student regarding his or her behavior. This minor report is collected and a copy is sent to the parents as well as to the main office. An ODR is an Office Disciplinary Referral. This is a formal referral to the office and it involves a visit with one of the school administrators. Routinely, when a student receives an Office Disciplinary Referral, a phone call from school administration will accompany a paper copy of the form.