• 2017 - 2018 YEARBOOK PAGE! 

    Yearbooks are $16.00 and on sale NOW through Thursday, March 29th!

    5th Grade Cover Design (Mid-October)
    All students in 5th grade will have the opportunity to design their own Yearbook Cover.  Each design will be looked at and voted upon to determine the cover of this year's yearbook.
    Click Here to see this year's cover, designed by 5th grader Natalie Hinke.

    5th Grade Baby Pictures (Due by MARCH 5th)
    All 5th Grade students will have the option of submitting a baby picture to put into the yearbook.  Click Here to download the form (along with patron ad form) to include a 5th graders baby picture for just $3.00!

    Patron Ads (Due by MARCH 5th)
    All parents/guardians will have the opportunity to share words of congratulations to their favorite LES students by including a "Patron Ad" in the yearbook.  Click Here to download the form to include a patron ad to your favorite LES student(s) for just $3.00 each!