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  • 9.4.18

    Greetings GMES Families!

    We hope your child(ren) shared that today was a great first day of school. Teachers and staff welcomed students to their new classrooms, took a tour, engaged in learning, and enjoyed meeting new friends.  Thank you to everyone who patiently awaited our first arrival and dismissal at our new building.  We still have some things to work out and appreciate your support!

    A few updates/reminders:

    1.  Be sure to have your child get on the correct bus in the morning. There are three buses that go into the Walnut Hill Community and some students came to school and/or went home on the wrong bus within that community. We have put additional supports in place for tomorrow and going forward to ensure students get on the correct bus going home.  We appreciate your understanding. 

    2.  To maintain safety and a flow of traffic in our car loop, the following adjustments and guidelines have been made:

    • If you enter into the car loop, you MUST continue through until exiting our lot.  A double line should be formed once near the turn in order to allow more cars to enter the lot. DO NOT park once you have entered the loop. Students should not exit the vehicle when you are in the loop until they come to the drop-off area. (This will be extended to the STOP sign to allow for more students to exit at a time.) A staff member will let you know when students can unload.  (If you want to park in the morning, please use the Elkton Library lot, since it does not open until 10 am.  Please do not park in the Elkton Library lot during the afternoon dismissal.)

    • During arrival and dismissal, cars must make a RIGHT TURN ONLY.  The sign had the wrong times and is being corrected this evening.  Times for RIGHT TURN ONLY are as follows: 8:40 am-9:15 am & 3:40pm-4:00pmWednesday afternoons-RIGHT TURN ONLY from 1:55pm-2:15pm.  

    3.  Our TEMPORARY MAIN OFFICE is located at the back of our building to the left.  To enter the school, please walk through the gate and enter the room on the right.  Signs have been placed to assist you.  Entry will not be permitted at the back doors. 

    4.  YMCA Care Drop-Off in the morning is alongside the building near the cafeteria (area with colorful windows). If you wish to pick up your child(ren) PRIOR to 4:15 pm, you MUST park and walk to the cafeteria area, using the sidewalk near the fence.  Otherwise, please wait until 4:15 pm to pick up your child(ren) from the YMCA Care Program.

    5.  Please update the office with any changes to phone numbers or transportation.  Speak with your child(ren) each day to remind him/her/them about how they are to go home.  

    Once again, we appreciate your attention to these matters of safety and orderliness.  Thank you for your continued support!



    Kecia Nesmith, Principal

    Don Foskey, Assistant Principal


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