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Secondary Math

The mission of the Secondary Mathematics Department is to ensure the success of all learners by providing multiple opportunities for students to strive for mastery of concepts. We strive to create an environment which empowers students to become confident and competent problem solvers. 

The vision of the Secondary Math Ohana is to provide students with a supportive learning environment that encourages all learners to realize their potential as productive members of our community.

Our department ensures that:

  • Our curriculum is aligned to state standards, and where applicable, national standards.
  • Our curriculum is created with input from all stakeholders
  • Our curriculum is aligned vertically and offers opportunities for all students for acceleration, honors-level courses, and AP. 
  • Our teachers address the needs and learning styles of our students while providing multiple-entry points for differentiated learning 
  • We, through a collaboration with Cecil College and our School of Technology, prepare all students for post-secondary education and careers.

Please take some time to explore the resources available to you on this website. 
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