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Course Overviews


Office of Multilingual Education


These documents provide an overview of each course.  The information provided below is designed to support students, parents, and the school community to understand the major content of the course and the standards used to design it.  To support the needs of students, teachers may make adjustments as needed.  Please contact your child’s teacher and/or review the course's Schoology page with your child for additional information.

Course Overviews for World Languages

Chinese I
Chinese II
Honors Chinese III
Honors Chinese IV
AP Chinese Lang & Culture

French I
French II
Honors French III
Honors French IV
AP French Lang & Culture
German I
German II
Honors German III
Honors German IV
Spanish I
Spanish II
Honors Spanish III
Honors Spanish IV
AP Spanish Lang & Culture
World Language Connections I

World Language Connections 2

Course Overviews for English Language Development

Elementary School Middle School High School
Grade 1
Grades 2-3 A
Grades 2-3 B
Grades 4-5 A
Grades 4-5 B
Grades 6-8 A
Grades 6-8 A/B
Grades 6-8 B
English Language Development I
English Language Development II
English Language Development III