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World Languages


Multilingual Education World Languages


World Language Program
The world languages program focuses on developing and implementing a rigorous sequence of instruction designed to prepare students to graduate with intermediate levels of functional proficiency in a language other than English.

We envision life-long learners who are linguistically and culturally proficient in multiple languages who productively engage in our interconnected world.

The world languages program designs and implements a rigorous sequence of instruction that leads students to intermediate levels of functional language proficiency and the ability to interact in our global society with empathy and in culturally appropriate ways.

Course Offerings & Requirements
CCPS offers Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. Please consult your area middle and high school for languages offered. Students taking level I of a world language in middle school will earn high school credit towards graduation by passing the course. To be awarded a diploma a student who opts to take a world language as their completer must take at least two (2) sequential credits in the same language. Students planning to attend college should note that some colleges do not recognize high school credits earned in middle school. These students should complete at least two (2) sequential world language credits while in grades 9-12.