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English 12 and Cecil College Voucher

In collaboration with Cecil College, Cecil County Public Schools has developed an English 12 course that integrates both academic and career literacies. Upon successful completion of the course, students can earn a waiver for EGL 093, Integrated Reading and Writing Level II, offered at Cecil College.   

Requirements for successful course completion and Cecil College Waiver

In order to complete the course successfully and earn the waiver from Cecil College, students must complete:

  • Diagnostic writing and grammar mechanics assessments
  • All topics covered in Cecil College EGL 093, including reading comprehension; college-level vocabulary; note taking; paraphrase, summary, exposition, analysis, evaluation, and argument; writing as a recursive process; paragraph and essay development, peer review, grammar and mechanics, MLA formatting and citations, and etc.  
  • Grammar mechanics instruction 
  • In-class and out-of-class reading
  •  Approximately 2500-3000 words of finished formal writing (12 pages, double spaced) which is divided among four marking periods and includes research and summary, research and analysis, research and argument, and reflection
  • Four exams, including a final exam with timed in-class writing that summarizes a college-level reading and develops a thesis-driven argument on that topic as the primary component
  • Any exam/test/quiz retakes use a new prompt and/or question set.
  • 70% or higher course average
  • 70% or higher Final Exam grade
  • Attend class at a rate of 80% (at least 72 of the scheduled classes) or higher 

Length of Cecil College Waiver

This agreement will be honored for two years past high school graduation; after that, students who seek admission to Cecil will need to assess by Accuplacer, SAT, ACT, or CLEP.