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    3/3/21 DEADLINE
    If you are concerned about which portrait is going in the yearbook, please keep reading. When you get into the website PLEASE CHOOSE ONE WITH A BLUE BACKGROUND, TUX or DRAPE ONLY, otherwise the default picture (or one chosen by me) will be selected for the yearbook senior portrait section. 
    Seniors log onto the website when they want to select a yearbook pose and place an order.  Each senior receives proofs and included with their proofs is a unique ID number that is theirs alone.  Entering the code they receive on the website above, they can then review their images, select a yearbook choice and place an order if they wish.  If they have not received their proofs or lost them, they will need to contact our Customer Care at 800-736-4775 to receive their unique ID number.  Please provide this information on the school website or an email that is provided to the seniors only.
    If you have not taken your pictures with lifetouch, you have one week to send me a picture with a light blue background, tux or drape only.