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    Welcome back to the 2015-2016 school year.

    Welcome back to the 2015-2016 school year.

    Transportation is continuing its effect to help CCPS preserve funds directed toward the classroom. You will continue to see a focus of reducing miles and time on bus routes through routing efficiency, placement of stops, enforcement of the quarter mile separation between stops, reduction of stops inside developments and loss of interior service for those developments that no longer qualify.

    “Real Time GPS” has proven itself to help save money and provide useful data to both parents and students. All of our route buses are equipped with real time GPS.

    Please discuss with your student the importance of proper bus behavior. Improper student behavior, that distracts the driver from watching the road, jeopardizes all the students on the bus. Reinforce your expectation of safe behavior while on the bus. Your help and support will result in a safer, more pleasant ride to and from school for all students and will prevent your child from receiving consequences for unsafe behavior. Please understand that when students receive consequences it is to reinforce safe behaviors so that they become safe bus riders.

    After the first few days, bus pick-up times will be adjusted by the driver so students need to arrive fifteen minutes early those first five days until the runs settle into a rhythm. Students need to be at the bus stop, ready to load on time, and be visible to the driver as the bus approaches the stop. They are safer at the stop before the bus arrives than running to the stop after if arrives and less chance of missing the bus. Drivers are required to slow and look for students at the authorized bus stop but are not required to stop if no one is visible. Please do not ask the driver for special stops or arrangements as that may subject the driver to disciplinary action or result in a substitute driver missing the pick-up.

    Police continue to ticket motorists who do not stop for the red lights of the bus while it is loading and unloading because they were either inattentive, distracted or who chose to disobey the law.  While it has gained national attention with many states passing tougher laws with increase penalties for violation, students need to be reminded to wait for the bus driver to signal it is ok to cross and LOOK both ways before crossing.

    Thank you for helping Cecil County Public Schools support student safety. 


    Vanessa Briddell

    Supervisor of Transportation


    If you have questions email Transportation