• Youth Apprenticeship MD


    Application Process

    Details and Requirements

    CCPS Maryland Youth Apprenticeship Program brings Cecil County youth and employers together to create skilled labor in today’s ever-changing job market. Students are placed with approved employers who assign a qualified mentor that provides guidance and on-the-job training. The program provides a unique opportunity to “earn and learn.”

    Benefits of Youth Apprenticeship

    • Enter the workforce while still in high school.
    • Earn a salary.
    • Earn high school credit for completing the program - up to 4 credits.
    • Youth apprenticeship is a CTE pathway and can lead to a completer.
    • Gain marketable industry skills.
    • Career Discovery - Students can confirm that a certain industry is a good fit, saving time and money in pursuing costly higher education or technical training after high school.
    • Advancement Advantage - Youth apprentices have an advantage over other candidates as they develop valuable career skills and a professional network.
    • Confidence - Students gain self-assurance by working independently under the tutelage of a mentor.
    • By meeting all the State program standards, you'll receive a Maryland State Skill Certificate.

    General Requirements

    • Student applicants must be juniors or seniors, age 16 years or older, and have reliable transportation.
    • A student must complete the program by graduation from high school.
    • One year of related instruction is required. That will be either provided by the business or a class that you are taking for credits concurrently while in the apprenticeship.
    • Applicants must be students in good standing and on track to graduate with good grades and attendance.
    • Students must complete 450 hours of work-based training and one year of related classroom instruction by graduation.
    • A student must submit a complete application packet to Apprenticeships@ccps.org.

    Application Steps

    • Download Student Agreement:  HERE (PDF of Student Application)
    • A resume and cover letter are required. See below for resume and cover letter templates.
    • Submit your completed application, cover letter, and resume to  Apprenticeships@ccps.org.
    • Have at least one teacher fill out and email the recommendation form to  Apprenticeships@ccps.org.