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Career Day 2020

On Wednesday, February 19, 2020, North East High School hosted its first annual Career Day. Fifty-three industry professionals from Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania came and presented to over 1000 students. The event was a priority of the NEHS School Improvement Team and teacher, Kendra Hudson, took the lead on organizing the event. Hudson states, “The School Improvement Team chose to do Career Day because we felt that students would benefit from an internal motivation throughout their high school career. For instance, if a student wants to be an engineer, they need to know that taking high-level math and science is important for that occupation. Additionally, we wanted students to have an exposure to multiple different fields. “

For the past four months, NEHS faculty and staff recruited presenters from a variety of professions. Professions included business and marketing, engineering, welding, nursing, real estate, and more. Hudson also says that “When planning this event, we chose presenters that have an associate's degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree, a professional degree, a trade certificate, or a high school degree. Many of our presenters were also CCPS graduates.” Students were able to see 30-minute presentations from three industry professionals, of their choice, during Career Day.

National Honor Society students escorted presenters and were able to earn service learning hours. National Honor Society member and senior, Sydney Tolbert, said that "Being a part of the organization and execution of Career Day was a huge honor and taught me so much. When I volunteered to help Ms. Hudson with the event, I immediately became so invested and wanted to do everything I could to help the day run smoothly. On Career Day, I was able to visit three sessions and everything went far better than I could have ever expected. All of the students were exceptionally engaged and respectful, and so many great questions were answered. Overall, the day was a success and I can't wait for the future of Career Day here at North East High School."

Students were impressed with the presenters for the day, especially junior Mia Cudmore, whom was able to see presentations from an investment analysis, a physician, and an occupational therapist, which align with her future college and career readiness goals. Cudmore states she was able to ask questions which provided insight into each of these careers and allowed her to narrow down her list of potential future career aspirations. Deputy Minker, North East High School - School Resource Officer, presented and felt the day was a perfect example of his motto, “Life is choices, so choose wisely.”

Presenter, Ken Hudson - Mechanical/Environmental Engineer from Aberdeen Test Center, said, “I was really impressed with the number and variety of presenters.  It was a wonderful way to expose students to a wide variety of potential occupations. I found many of the students to be very attentive, all were respectful, and had good questions.  The event was exceptionally well done.  I look forward to participating again next year.” Also, one of the military presenters thought that our Career Day was a good opportunity for students to better understand military opportunities beyond the standard military recruiter speech.

This event was an incredible opportunity for our students who are graduating very soon and starting to make plans for their future. Lastly, Kendra Hudson says “This event was an incredible success! The students, faculty and staff, and presenters gave great reviews for the whole day. We are so excited for Career Day in the 2020-2021 school year.” NEHS is very appreciative and thankful for all the presenters who took time out of their schedules to present to our students. 


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